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KeeperSecurity.Authentication.Sync Namespace

Provides types for connecting to Keeper servers (sync).
Public classAuthStep Represents base Keeper authentication step
Public classAuthSync Represents Keeper authentication. (sync)
Public classConnectedStep Represents Connected step. Final step. Successfully connected to Keeper.
Public classDeviceApprovalStep Represents device approval step
Public classErrorStep Represents Error step. Final step. Failed to connect to Keeper.
Public classPasswordStep Represents Master Password step
Public classReadyToLoginStep Represents initial Login step
Public classRestrictedConnectionStep Represents Restricted Connection step. Final step. The connection is limited only to certain commands.
Public classSsoDataKeyStep Represents SSO Approval step
Public classSsoTokenStep Represents SSO Login step
Public classTwoFactorStep Represents Two Factor Authentication step
Public interfaceIAuthSyncCallback Defines the user interface methods required for authentication with Keeper (sync).
Public enumerationAuthState Specifies authentication states.