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IEnterpriseDataManagement Interface

Defines methods for modifying enterprise users and teams.

Namespace: KeeperSecurity.Enterprise
Assembly: KeeperSdk (in KeeperSdk.dll) Version: 1.0.5-beta11
public interface IEnterpriseDataManagement

The IEnterpriseDataManagement type exposes the following members.

Public methodAddUsersToTeams Adds Users to Team.
Public methodCreateTeam Creates Enterprise Team.
Public methodDeleteTeam Deletes Enterprise Team.
Public methodDeleteUser Deletes Enterprise User.
Public methodInviteUser Invides User to Enterprise.
Public methodRemoveUsersFromTeams Removes Users(s) from Team(s)
Public methodSetUserLocked Locks or Unlocks Enterprise User.
Public methodTransferUserAccount Transfers Enterprise User account to another user.
Public methodUpdateTeam Modifies Enterprise Team.
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