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IRoleData Interface

Defines Role enterprise data.

Namespace: KeeperSecurity.Enterprise
Assembly: KeeperSdk (in KeeperSdk.dll) Version: 1.0.5-beta11
public interface IRoleData

The IRoleData type exposes the following members.

Public propertyRoleCount Gets the number of all roles in the enterprise.
Public propertyRoles Get a list of all roles in the enterprise
Public methodGetEnforcementsForRole Gets a list of role enforcements for specified role.
Public methodGetRoleKey Gets role key.
Public methodGetRolesForTeam Gets a list of role IDs for specified team.
Public methodGetRolesForUser Gets a list of role IDs for specified user.
Public methodGetTeamsForRole Gets a list of team UIDs for specified role.
Public methodGetUsersForRole Gets a list of user IDs for specified role.
Public methodTryGetRole Gets the enterprise role assocoated with the specified ID.
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