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EnterpriseData Methods

The EnterpriseData type exposes the following members.

Public methodAddUsersToTeams Adds Users to Team.
Public methodCreateTeam Creates Enterprise Team.
Public methodDeleteTeam Deletes Enterprise Team.
Public methodDeleteUser Deletes Enterprise User.
Public methodGetTeamsForUser Gets a list of team UID for the specified user.
Public methodGetUsersForTeam Gets a list of user IDs for specified team.
Public methodInviteUser Invites user to enterprise
Public methodRemoveUsersFromTeams Removes Users(s) from Team(s)
Public methodSetUserLocked Locks or Unlocks Enterprise User.
Public methodTransferUserAccount Transfers Enterprise User account to another user.
Public methodTryGetNode Gets the enterprise node associated with the specified ID.
Public methodTryGetTeam Gets the enterprise team associated with the specified team UID.
Public methodTryGetUserByEmail Gets the enterprise user associated with the specified email address.
Public methodTryGetUserById Gets the enterprise user associated with the specified ID.
Public methodUpdateTeam Modifies Enterprise Team.
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodCreateNode Creates Enterprise Node
(Defined by EnterpriseExtensions)
Public Extension MethodDeleteNode Deletes existing node
(Defined by EnterpriseExtensions)
Public Extension MethodSetRestrictVisibility Toggles "Node Isolation" flag for enterprise node.
(Defined by EnterpriseExtensions)
Public Extension MethodUpdateNode Updates existing node
(Defined by EnterpriseExtensions)
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