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KeeperSecurity.Authentication Namespace

Provides base types for establishing connection to Keeper servers.
Public classAccountLicense Represents user's account license information.
Public classAccountSettings Represents user's account settings.
Public classAuthCommon Represents base authentication class
Public classAuthExtensions Provides a set of static methods for IAuthentication interface.
Public classClientExtensionResults 
Public classKeeperApiException Keeper JSON API error.
Public classKeeperAuthFailed Authentication failed exception.
Public classKeeperCanceled Login is cancelled exception.
Public classKeeperEndpointExtensions Endpoint extension methods.
Public classKeeperPostLoginErrors User is not allowed to login.
Public classKeeperStartLoginException Unrecoverable error occurred during login.
Public classSignatureResponse 
Public classSsoLoginInfo Describes SSO Provider connection parameters
Public interfaceIAuth Defines the properties and methods of not connected Keeper authentication object.
Public interfaceIAuthContext Defines properties of connected user.
Public interfaceIAuthEndpoint Defines the basic properties of Keeper endpoint object.
Public interfaceIAuthentication Defines properties and methods of connected Keeper authentication object.
Public interfaceIAuthInfoUI Defines methods that notify client about IAuth object state changes. Optional.
Public interfaceIAuthSecurityKeyUI Defines the method that starts U2F Security Key 2FA. Optional.
Public interfaceIDataKeyChannelInfo Base interface for sharing data key.
Public interfaceIDeviceApprovalChannelInfo Base interface for device approval channel.
Public interfaceIDeviceApprovalOtpInfo Defines a property for device approval by code actions.
Public interfaceIDeviceApprovalPushInfo Defines a property for device approval push actions.
Public interfaceIKeeperEndpoint Describes Keeper server endpoint.
Public interfaceIPasswordInfo Base interface for password validation.
Public interfaceIPostLoginTaskUI Defines the methods required to complete post login tasks. Optional.
Public interfaceISsoLogoutCallback Defines the methods required to logout from SSO IdP. Optional.
Public interfaceISsoTokenActionInfo Base interface for SSO login
Public interfaceITwoFactorAppCodeInfo Defines properties for 2FA by code action.
Public interfaceITwoFactorChannelInfo Base 2FA channel interface
Public interfaceITwoFactorDurationInfo Defines 2FA duration property.
Public interfaceITwoFactorPushInfo Defines properties for 2FA push action.
Public delegateBiometricsActionDelegate Validate biometrics key delegate.
Public delegateDeviceApprovalOtpDelegate Device approval by 2FA code delegate.
Public delegateDeviceApprovalPushActionDelegate Device approval push delegate.
Public delegateGetDataKeyActionDelegate Data key share push action.
Public delegatePasswordActionDelegate Validate master password delegate.
Public delegateSsoTokenActionDelegate SSO login token delegate.
Public delegateTwoFactorCodeActionDelegate Two Factor Authorization by code delegate.
Public delegateTwoFactorPushActionDelegate Two Factor Authorization action delegate.
Public enumerationAccountAuthType Specifies login type
Public enumerationDataKeyShareChannel Specifies supported data key share channels.
Public enumerationDeviceApprovalChannel Specifies supported device approval channels.
Public enumerationTwoFactorChannel Specifies supported 2FA channels.
Public enumerationTwoFactorDuration Specifies 2FA expiration.
Public enumerationTwoFactorPushAction Specifies available 2FA actions.
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